One of the biggest milestones in the life of a teen is getting a Driver's License. With it comes independence and freedom, but also a new, weighty responsibility that many teen drivers don't quite comprehend at the time. It is just as important for young drivers to understand the possible hazards of driving as it is to learn the basic rules of the road.

Gary Jaffarian cares deeply about this issue and has spent time in the community speaking at local auto schools and their students to educate young drivers on a wide array of relevant topics ranging from distracted driving to seatbelt use to how to evaluate a used car for purchase. He frequently takes the students out to his car to highlight key things that any driver should know: how to open the hood, how to check the oil, check tire pressure. Visit our Jaffarian You Tube channel for videos to watch. Cellphone use is one of the leading causes of distracted driving, especially for younger drivers, and Jaffarian Auto Group has posted a Cell-Phone Free Pledge on its Facebook page that Gary encourages all drivers to take. During April's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, for every pledge made, Jaffarian made a donation to FocusDriven ( a nationally-known advocacy group that encourages drivers to commit to cell free driving), to increase public awareness on the dangers of cell phone distracted driving.

Instilling good driving habits from the start is Jaffarians's mission in reaching out to auto schools and their students. The links at the right side of this page also include additional resources for parents and beginner drivers. Drive Safely!

Gary Jaffarian demonstrates how to check the oil on a car to students at Methuen Auto School