Get More for Your Money by Leasing a Toyota Camry, Corolla or RAV4

Are you searching for a safe and dependable new Toyota but can't find one that fits into your budget? Then, we ask Merrimack Valley drivers to consider leasing a new Toyota vehicle from us!

We've learned that leasing is the preferred options for value-seeking drivers hoping to get more car for less money. After all, when you lease a vehicle you're only required to pay off a portion of the car's value. If you choose to finance your next car, you'll be stuck with the entire bill!

With that in mind, leased vehicles typically require lower initial and monthly payments when compared to financed vehicles. That means you can drive a new Toyota Camry, Corolla or RAV4 without exceeding your budget. Drivers that go the financing route will need to take out an auto loan that covers the entire value of the vehicle!

Saving money is just one benefits of leasing a new Toyota. In addition, your leased Toyota will also be covered by a comprehensive warranty for the duration of your lease. Should a mechanical issue arise, ToyotaCare provides no-cost maintenance or repairs for two years or 25,000 miles.

Lastly, you'll have the chance to trade-in your leased Toyota for a brand new one when your lease expires. Don't you just love that new car smell?

Now, you can learn more about leasing a new Toyota by visiting Jaffarian Toyota in Haverhill, MA to chat with a finance expert and get behind the wheel today!

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